Veneris test offers the diagnosis after a fast analysis of the urine for the infection with Thricomonas Vaginalis, a parasite that it’s usually transmitted through sexual behavior and affects 1 in 4 youths on a national level.

Being a STD, it is recommended that the testing is frequent for both partners, especially because more than 70% of those that are infected have no active symptoms. In case of a positive result, it is recommended to make an appointment with a doctor for further treatment.

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One card, dropper, urine cup, 0.5ml sample buffer test tube, instruction manual.
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99%% specificity, same as the laboratory tests.
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Result in 15 minutes.
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UNISEX test.
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Trichomonas vaginalis is a tiny protozoan that can live inside the male or female’s urethra and it will become active during sexual behavior. There will be no sign of infection for males while the female will have symptoms such as itch around the vagina and increase amount of secretion, etc., that can cause discomfort during sex. The infected females tend to have premature birth, baby with low birth weight and so on. Trichomonas vaginalis infection is a cross reaction, it is better to do the diagnosis with the sex partner in order to improve sex life and have healthier baby.

How to use

Collect the urine sample and introduce 3-4 drops in the tube

Swirl clockwise the content for 5-6 seconds

Drip 3-4 drops on the testing spot

Wait 15 minutes for the result

Frequently asked questions

No, the urine can be collected at any time. However, the first urination in the morning will have higher concentration which aids the test accuracy.

No, the bloody urine contains red blood cells which can alter the reading since the reaction line for this test is also red-purple.

It is suggested to add no more than 6 drops of urine into the test tube to mix with the buffer. For test purpose, it is better to add no more than 6 drops as it may leak out of the Sample well (S well) and affect the reading.

The test reading cannot be longer than 30 minutes because the negativity detected may become positive as time gets longer due to air oxidation. The result will not be accurate and cannot be taken as a final record.

The depth of color will vary depending on subject’s urine composition, temperature difference, and humidity. The background color can be purple, red, or close to white. The test is effective as long as the line appeared on the “C” Control zone.

In women: Vaginal discharge is common. This is typically greenly-yellow, and may be 'frothy'. Your vagina and vulva may be itchy and uncomfortable. The irritation may extend into the groin. Sex may be painful. It may be sore when you pass urine. No symptoms occur in up to half of infected women. However, you can still pass on the infection even if you have no symptoms. In men: Discharge from the penis is common. It may be sore when you pass urine. You may pass urine frequently (due to irritation inside the penis). No symptoms occur in up to half of infected men. However, you can still pass on the infection even if you have no symptoms.

Please make an appointment with a doctor for further personal advice and attend any possible clinical tests. Doctors will provide detailed information and suggestions for the test positive subjects. It is strongly suggested to do the test with a sex partner because male may not have any symptom while infected and other partner may be infected through intercourse.

This indicates that the subject does not have a Trichomonas vaginalis infection. If the symptoms continue, we recomment taking the Veneris Urinary Tract Infection test, Gardnerella vaginalis test and Candida albicans test and discussing with your doctor for further information.

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