The Veneris tests offer you the result in maximum 15 minutes, with a precision that is similar to lab tests, a correct diagnostic being the first necessary step in improving your health.

The Veneris tests have been created to provide the intimacy that you need when you are looking for a solution to alleviate the unpleasant symptoms (vaginal itching, burning sensation while peeing, etc.). You can safely use the tests, in privacy, without having to ask left and right about your problem or having to anxiously wait for longer periods of time in order to find out if you need treatment for candidosis, for bacterial vaginitis or other genital infection.

Advantages of the Veneris tests?


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Candidiasis is one of the most widespread diseases among young Romanians who have started their sex life, women and men alike. One of the explanation is that, although it is treated quite easily, many people who have the infection, ignore the symptoms, does not detect the infection in time and often do not receive proper treatment.

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Urinary tract infections

Anyone at any age can have a urinary tract infection. Women are more likely to be affected because they have a shorter urethra, that makes a shorter distance for the bacteria to travel especially during the sexual intercourse. Approximately 50% of women will suffer at least once in their lifetime from this affection.

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Bacterial vaginitis

Gardnerella vaginalis is the most common cause of bacterial vaginitis in mature and sexually active individuals. The disease replaces the vaginal flora, normally dominated by “good bacteria” (lactobacilli) with a complex and abundant flora in “bad bacteria”. Three out of four women will be affected at least once in a lifetime by this condition.

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Did you know that

  • Candidosis is not the most frequent vaginal infection? Bacterial vaginitis is and its symptoms are similar to those of candidosis. That is why, in many cases where a candidosis treatment is applied, the results are not the ones that were expected.
  • Men can also suffer from candidosis. When it comes to candidosis, men are not safe either. It is true though, that the percentage of men suffering from candidosis is lower. Candidosis symptoms in men include redness, rash on the genitals and itching or burning sensation. The treatment for men is similar to the one for women. In fact, it is recommended that both partners follow the treatment at the same time.
  • Candidosis can be a sign of diabetes. Excess sugar caused by high blood sugar can elevate the risk of developing a candidosis infection, in both men and women alike.
  • There are many false myths surrounding candidosis: the fact that it can be cured with frequent showers or yogurt, the fact that it will pass by itself or the fact that it can only appear in sexually active people. Once developed, candidosis, needs to be medically treated.

Candidosis? Vaginal infection? Genital itching?

The Veneris tests offer you the result in maximum 15 minutes, with similar precisionas that of the laboratory tests,
a correct diagnostic being one of the first necessary steps to take for health improvement