icon veneris despre noi About us

Who are we?

VENERIS is the only brand with rapid tests in Romania, dedicated for detection of sexually transmitted infections, from mild affections like candidiasis to infections that might become life threatening like HIV.
We are a Romanian company and our products are made in EU following all the rules and regulations for quality to reach the highest standards.

You probably have already met us through our pregnancy tests “Barza”. Through our 20 years of experience we have been side by side with over 9 million women in their special moment.

When we launched?

We surfaced on the market in 2014 as an answer to an alarming statistic – over 1 million Romanians are infected with a STD. Most of them don’t even know they have it, some take a random treatment, or others don’t afford a visit to the medic, or just simply ignore the symptoms because they consider that it cannot happen to them.


Through VENERIS we make the tests accessible to all Romanians, in the comfort and intimacy of their homes, away from other embarrassing moments. More than that, they can find here, on our website, all the information that they need to protect their genital and sexual health.


Our purpose is to make people realize how easy it is to find out that you are healthy or you have to do something because you are not and need to be. One simple and quick test, done on time, in the comfort of your home, can make the difference between an easy escape or a dramatic situation.